Help us on our journey to discover life in the Venusian atmosphere.

  • Started in May 2019
  • We became part of the MIT Extended Science and Engineering Team for the Venus Life Finder Study in 2020
  • 3 years of designing and testing prototypes of our LEVL probe for Venus missions
  • Peer-reviewed paper published in 2022
    Leading-Edge Vortex Lift (LEVL) Sample Probe for Venusian Atmosphere
  • 2022 – created a working partnership agreement with Exeter University

To this point we have been totally self-funding, with no government support yet.

We are now looking for investors to share our dream of going to Venus and discovering life, and at the same time, creating new technologies that will help mankind to explore other planets and help sustain our own.

Frequently asked questions…

How will we make you money?
By commercial licensing of patented technologies and sharing knowledge through consultancy, commercial agreements and knowledge transfer with academia.

What is the risk, and how big is the reward?
The stake is low. As a small UK R&D business, we are looking to raise £1.8 million to complete our programmes before the end of this decade.
The reward is vast – you could be part of the endeavour to discover life in our solar system beyond Earth!

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planet Earth in the starry galaxy