About SpaceAM

Our Story

SpaceAM was started back in 2019 by entrepreneur and designer Christopher Isaac as a vehicle for a spin-off project from the MIT and Breakthrough Initiatives-led ‘Venus Life Finder Mission Study’*. In 2021, he was joined by chief engineer Nick Jones, an additive manufacturing specialist. Today, SpaceAM has a number of partners and affiliates, including MIT in the US and Exeter University in the UK, and is working in field of Venus Atmospheric probe designs.


Peer-reviewed and published paper in the Aerospace journal by MDPI:
Leading-Edge Vortex Lift (LEVL) Sample Probe for Venusian Atmosphere

A word from the founder

“Our goal is to push the limits of what is achievable in additive manufacturing design and aerospace. That is why we chose the motto ‘Go lighter – go further’. We are still at the beginning of our journey into UK space exploration and we are pushing hard to put SpaceAM on the map, both globally and off-planet.” Chris Isaac.