SpaceAM Limited

We are:

A small group of UK-based design and engineering experts with a background in additive manufacturing and engineering design, working on spacecraft research and development.

Design of planetary insertion craft:

Since early 2020 we have been involved with the Venus Life Finder Mission Concept Study, led by MIT. 

We have filed patents for the design of a new type of atmospheric probe, with the mission focus of measuring compounds in the cloud layers of Venus. Our concept work involves the design of the craft’s body and flight system and is designed to give 170 minutes of sampling time in the Venusian atmosphere.

Our hope is for it to be one of the first craft designs to discover life outside our own planet.

Space additive manufacturing:

Additive manufacturing provides the most effective way to reduce mass in systems built to reach space and explore other planets. Weight-optimised geometries allow our clients to go lighter and further than they’ve gone before. Not only does AM drive down development time, it also greatly lowers the cost of commercial space activities, with increased manufacturing automation for small batch system components.

At present we are working on the design concepts for space-borne systems and devices that will gather construction materials in space and on surfaces of planetary bodies, with the possibility of additive manufacturing from off-planet resources. 

Advanced materials in space:

We are working on using existing high-performance polymers and composites in new ways, creating new structures and repurposing their mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. At present we are designing composite structures for use in the Venus atmosphere – thin film substrates which can be used to slow down planetary vehicles and thermal control coatings to protect space systems.

Our consultancy services include:

•  Probe system design for off world exploration
•  Space craft mass reduction using additive manufacturing
•  Space additive manufacturing on and off planet
•  Applying new thinking to existing space engineering problems

Advanced materials in space
Advanced materials in space
Additive manufacturing for space craft
Additive manufacturing for space
planet Earth in the starry galaxy

Make contact:

If you require a different way of looking at a spacecraft’s mass-related design issues, or would like more information about AM technologies in space, contact us on [email protected]